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Why Are Leather Duffle Bags So Popular?

Why Are Leather Duffle Bags So Popular?

| Mert Gulec

Although personalized leather duffle bags existed for a very long time, they only recently resurfaced with such popularity. But what makes full-grain leather duffle bags so popular?

  • The unique features these handmade bags have will still be explained in detail below, but apart from those, the real reason that resurfaced these personalized leather duffle bags with such high popularity is the recent pandemic.
  • Before the pandemic, people could always go on holiday but mostly never chose to go or postpone.
  • But during these challenging times, the importance of going out and seeing new things, even for a short time, is now evident. But, going out on a short trip with a suitcase is not convenient. Those bags are heavy and require lots of effort; this is where leather duffle bags come in.

Compared to suitcases, leather weekend bags offer portability, which is the prime reason for the popularity that these handmade bags gained so much popularity. Though due to technical limitations, leather duffle bags may not be able to provide the same space that an XL-sized suitcase can.

So, it is almost certain that unless the trip taken is bound to last longer than a few months, that kind of storage space will be completely unnecessary and will probably be nothing more than a hindrance. Without further ado, let’s start explaining the feature-based reasons that increased the popularity of leather weekend bags in 2022.


1. Leather Duffle Bags Provide All the Storage Space Needed Without Extra Inconvenience

big leather duffle bag

Having been specifically designed for short trips, the leather duffle bags have enough storage space to carry essential items and miscellaneous ones. With some of the bags having an extra compartment custom designed to hold shoes, these bags can also be leather gym bags. Depending on their size, the space a personalized leather duffle bag provides is mostly more than enough to hold any gear or clothing that may be required during trips. The best part about these bags is that they can be used for multiple purposes and do not have any limitations regarding by whom they can be used. 

  • Meaning that whether it is men’s leather duffle bags or women’s weekender bags that the customer searches for, these bags will have everything that is needed from a bag: storage space.

  • These handmade bags’ storage space is certainly smaller than that of suitcases. Because neither bag serves the same purpose but considering no one likes to have a giant hard-to-carry bag, the leather weekender bags are ideally suited for use by everyone.

  • For more info regarding the size of the bags, please check the information below regarding each leather duffle bag. 

  • Apart from the extra big storage size designed to meet different needs of the users, some personalized leather duffle bags, depending on their size and type, has additional storage compartments outside.

  • As said above, one of these extra compartments is a shoe compartment. Such a bag is generally considered to be a multifunctional one.

  • Though it might seem like a small addition, the space one pair of shoes takes is enormous. Even the suitcases do not come with such a feature. What the shoe compartment essentially provides in a leather duffle bag is convenience. 

Because now with just one bag, the user can go on trips to do sports that may require changing shoes, such as hiking or snowboarding. A leather duffle bag with a shoe compartment is also a great daily gym bag as people going to gyms almost always change their shoes because of the heavy work done. So, thanks to the exterior and interior storage space of a personalized leather duffle bag, life becomes much easier and more convenient for many people.


2. It Is Easier to Carry Duffle Bags Around

 easier carrier duffle bag

If getting a duffle bag is a new thing, then size is what to look for because, essentially, the size will meet all the needs of the user. With size comes storage space, but if the size is bigger than needed, then with size comes inconvenience. For this reason, men’s leather duffle bags and women’s weekender bags are specially designed in different sizes and features to meet different needs. For a better carrying experience, i.e., portability, a bag with a shoulder strap is always recommended. After all, portability is one of the reasons why so many people buy leather duffle bags. 

Choosing the right size requires knowing the purpose of the bag. A big bag should not be preferred if the user doesn’t like carrying much gear and clothing around. Or if it is primarily for gym purposes, then a bag with an extra shoe space should be the one to go. While selecting a size for the leather duffle bag, the build of the user should also be kept in mind because if the bag is too big for the user to carry, then the duffle bag will be a waste since the duffle bag will not be able to provide what it is bought for. 

Regardless of their size, all our leather bags can be used for short trips, gyms, and other purposes. Different size options are provided for customers with bigger or smaller luggage preferences. The personalized leather duffle bags can always be personalized without sacrificing the features the user may need. For more info on women’s and men’s leather duffle bags and the options offered on the bag’s pages for getting them personalized, do not forget to check their respective store pages. 


3. Color Options Specifically Chosen for Elegance

 different colors duffel bags

The color options offered on the leather duffle bag’s pages are not plenty, and though this might seem like a lack of customization options, it is, in fact, a good thing. Full-grain leather cannot have a color like blue or yellow naturally. They can only be shades of black and brown. Having so many color options is not necessarily good; sometimes, it might even be bad. If there are plenty of colors to choose from when buying a full-grain leather duffle bag, it is either dyed with chemicals or not real leather. 


Still, brown and black are considered premium-looking colors, and because of this, many premium clothing brands use these colors on belts, pants, etc. So, matching the colors of what is worn and the personalized leather duffle bag will never be a problem. The leather used to make these duffle bags is full-grain and handmade; this allows the products to have complete naturality. As such, the colors provided with these bags, whether men’s or women’s, full-grain handmade duffle bags, are all-natural, too.


4. High-Quality Full-grain Leather Duffle Bags Always Come with High-Quality Extras

 high quality duffle bag

As it was established a few times before, having been made of leather alone does not guarantee quality. In fact, even if the duffle bag is made of full-grain leather, it will not necessarily have the highest quality.

Achieving the highest quality possible with handmade full-grain leather duffle bags requires the bags also to have high-quality extras. These are things like zippers and shoulder straps. Because no matter how real the leather is, if the zipper cannot close or the buckle cannot handle the weight of what is stored inside, then that leather duffle bag is useless. 

To ensure that our full-grain duffle bags are not only made of the highest quality leather but also have the strongest extras, we always opted to use zippers of renowned brands such as YKK. Without such additions, the bag is bound to cause more problems than it provides convenience.

Plus, no matter how good-looking magnetic closures look, they simply cannot handle as much pressure as zippers. So, if there is an opportunity to get a women’s or men’s leather duffle bag with a zipper instead of a magnetic closure, then that opportunity should not be missed. 

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