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Leather Clutches & Wristlets

Clutches and wristlets are just one of the many bags to carry money, credit cards, ID cards, etc.; because of this purpose, these clutches and wristlets have to offer maximum safety and usability. Not to mention that only being able to hold money is not enough since credit cards, debit cards, IDs, and so on have become an essential part of daily life. So, for either of these products to be considered beneficial, they have to be able to do more, which means that the criteria for high-quality clutches and wristlets now include utmost convenience. But before getting into our handmade leather clutches and wristlets that can provide such comfort, some general questions regarding these bags should be answered, so we prepared the content below.

Advantages Of Having Leather Clutches, Wristlets

The type of bag with the most similar purpose to leather clutches and wristlets is a wallet. So, the question is, what is the difference between wallets and clutches and wristlets?

  • A wallet is small in size, which makes it less ideal for carrying stuff other than money or cards, both of which are either foldable or flat. But clutches and wristlets are large and can essentially be considered handbags that are easier to carry. This size difference makes these handmade leather products ideal for carrying other essentials, such as phones, makeup products, etc., that cannot fit inside a wallet.
  • Because of the size of leather clutches and wristlets between traditional handbags and wallets, they are perfect for people who do not prefer carrying many items in person. This advantage essentially renders both a conventional handbag and a wallet unnecessary. So, thanks to this advantage, these bags can do everything without occupying ample space.
  • As the clutches and wristlets are made of genuine leather, they offer more resilience compared to similar products and provide increased safety because genuine leather does not deteriorate quickly.
  • Though there is no limitation on who can use wristlets and clutches, they are generally for women. Because brands tend to care more about elegance when it comes to these products, wristlets and clutches mostly look better on the outside.

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Why Leather Clutches & Wristlets

The difference between clutches and wristlets is almost non-existent, so wristlets can be used for everything that clutches can be used for. Despite its small size, what makes a wristlet so valuable is its ability to hold items generally carried in traditional handbags. But not many people take so many things with them that they need a big bag, so these leather wristlets are ideal for those who only like having personal items such as money, keys, ID cards, etc.

As the name implies, a wristlet has a handle designed to wrap around the wrists for easier carrying. Since a wristlet generally comes with extra compartments, it can carry almost anything, provided that the item is small enough.

As mentioned above, there is little to no difference between leather clutches and wristlets, so whatever one can be used for, so can the other. For this reason, there is no point in explaining the question of what clutches can be used for. So, it is better to explain why handmade leather clutches and wristlets are better than those mass-produced with machines and those made of materials other than genuine leather.

Handmade means that each wristlet and clutches are individually made, so these bags can be almost wholly error-free because at any time, if a mistake is made during the making, the zipper wallet can be remade. Using no machines also means not polluting the environment during production. So, these products are entirely environmentally friendly. Since the place these leather wristlets and clutches are made is handmade, thus free of industrial and machine waste, they are %100 percent chemical-free, making them safe for everyone. 

On top of that, being made of genuine leather provides higher durability since leather is one of the most durable materials. Because it is harder to destroy when compared to other materials such as nylon and imitation leather, genuine leather offers an increased lifespan for this zipper wallet.

With most questions answered and the differences explained above, it is only natural for customers to look for handmade leather wristlets and clutches that can provide everything mentioned above. So, look no further because our handmade wristlets and clutches come with every advantage discussed above and more, which are;

- Two separate sections with a zipper pocket in the middle, which are ideally designed for safe keeping of big stuff such as makeup products, personal items, and so on.

- A total of 8 cardholder pockets, with each side having 4 pockets. Each cardholder pocket can hold every standard-sized card.

- A total of 2 money pockets, with each side having 2 pockets. Each money pocket is big enough to hold large amounts of money.

- A custom and elegant design with different color options such as brown and black.

- A size of L:8" W:4.25" D: 0.75" inches, which is neither too big to hinder portability nor too small to hinder usefulness.