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Leather Crossbody Bag Comments
  • Perfect size for me to take to work, the leather is durable, and I get so many compliments!!
  • I love it so far so good looks well made. I have bought several purses lately they were not well made at all.
  • The craftsmanship and quality is amazing. I am extremely pleased with this product.
  • This bag is exactly what I was looking for. The quality is A+. This bag exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this seller. Fantastic bag!
  • Beautiful! perfect size, amazing quality and I will use this for everything.Thank you!


The leather crossbody bags sold in our store are all handmade and genuine leather as it would almost be impossible to get to the highest quality without such feats. Most brands also claim to have such qualities, but it is important to be able to back these claims. With a US-based store that has served over 100.000 customers and sold over 250.000 bags, we believe we can easily say that these full-grain leather crossbody bags are among the top-quality products.

Being handmade does not just provide a longer life for the product. As machines take no part in the making of these circle crossbody bags, they are %100 chemical-free. This means they are not only safe for the environment but also for everyone. So, it is almost impossible to trigger an allergic reaction which makes these bags usable for virtually everyone.

Though these customizations might not seem to be much at first, not being able to adjust the strap to fit the crossbody bag to the body or clothing might render the bag useless or, at the very least, very inconvenient to carry around.

Since the primary purpose of these bags is to provide a means to carry items without having to deal with the challenges a pocket may present, such a feature should not be taken lightly and should always be looked for when buying a crossbody bag.

Plus, considering these bags are designed for convenience and elegance, having an option to choose the color of the bag should also be something to look for when getting such a bag. If the color does not match the clothing, the crossbody bag might not be able to deliver the elegancy it is designed for. So, even customizations such as adjustability and color that may seem small at first glance are just as important as the type of material used to manufacture the bag.

The primary purpose of leather crossbody bags is to replace pockets all the while providing a convenient place to carry items in person. But apart from being a great replacement for pockets, these bags can be the perfect gift for a loved one. Because these bags fit all the criteria for a great gift.

- They have a long life, which makes them an unforgettable gift.

- They can be used for so many purposes and are quite useful, so they will not be thrown away like so many other gifts.

- If the leather crossbody bags are bought from a trusted seller, they are safe for the user, which makes them a thoughtful gift.

- They are elegant and popular.

- These bags can also be used as storage for small items that are needed to be kept in person, especially personal items such as id cards, driving licenses, etc.

Even if the size is specified to be small, because of the nature of a crossbody bag, which is to be portable, these bags will always be considered small bags. So, when the bag is not being actively carried out around, it can be used as a safe place for the said items.

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