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There is no denying that wallets have become an inseparable part of many people’s life. Because of this, the demand for wallets has never stopped increasing for years, and many different wallets have emerged. Some wallets have shiny zippers, while others have small yet firm pockets for cards and money. Some are made of leather, while others are made of nylon, plastic, or fabric. So, it is pretty natural for customers to have difficulty finding a wallet that can meet their needs and provide high quality. But with the right guide, finding wallets that meet the exact specifications a customer is looking for can be easy, and that is why we prepared this content.

Handmade Leather Wallets

First and arguably the most important thing is the material the wallets are made of. Because the material directly affects the quality, safety, resilience, and lifespan. Nowadays, full-grain leather wallets are the most popular, but this brings the risk of imitation products, so it is essential to be careful while buying a leather wallet. To avoid such risks, buying from a known or highly ranked seller should always be preferred. Though some sellers can provide relatively low prices for their wallets, a suspiciously low price is a dead giveaway for an imitation leather wallet.

Though it might not be as important as the material, the way wallets are made, whether handmade or machine-made, also plays a significant role in their quality. Since being handmade means that the products are made with individual care, the rate of the same brand wallets always stays the same. Such a quality cannot be guaranteed for mass-produced wallets, even if they are made of leather.

The final thing to look for is the features that full-grain handmade leather wallets can offer: the number of pockets, size, etc. After all, these handmade leather wallets are bought to last long and meet the user’s needs. If the wallet cannot do this, regardless of the quality, it is as good as useless.

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Personalized Leather Wallets

Yes. In fact, the popularity of leather wallets is caused by leather’s inherent feature of being among the most durable materials and the safest. Without chemical additions, almost no other natural material can provide the durability that leather can. If the wallets are made of nylon or fabric, the products made of those materials will not be able to catch up with the durability that full-grain leather wallets have.

Alongside durability, leather wallets also offer a variety of benefits for nature as well. For instance, provided that the leather is genuine, it does not pollute the environment as it is a natural material gathered from animals after processing. Genuine leather does not harm those around when left under sunlight, but nylon or plastic products quickly deteriorate after being exposed to the sun for an extended period. These are only some of the benefits. Such benefits do not only make these leather wallets safe for the environment but for everyone, too. They can even be gifted to the young without the fear of harming them. In short, yes, leather wallets are durable.

As previously mentioned, genuine full-grain leather wallets are hard to come by because of their popularity. Customers should not buy every wallet advertised as leather and look for red flags such as meager prices. But as long as the wallets are purchased from a trusted seller, imitation leather wallets will not be a problem. To find a trusted seller, look at the customer history of the store. Since everything can now be checked online, searching the store’s name and looking at the reviews will provide enough information to ensure the leather wallets are genuine. 

One place to get a genuine leather wallet is our store. The products sold in our store, which is based in the US, are not only genuine leather but also handmade, and with over 30.000 5-star reviews and 100.000 customers, we guarantee customer satisfaction. All of our products are produced in our factory. To clear up any doubts they may have on whether the handmade leather wallets sold in our store are genuine, we also encourage the customers to check our social media pages.

Apart from quality, our store’s full-grain handmade wallets for men also come with a custom design for maximum elegance. Since these products offer personalization options and color options such as black and brown, they are one of a kind. For long-lasting efficiency, these leather wallets have the following features;

- One main pocket primarily for storing money.

- One clear ID pocket with high visibility.

- A total of 11 cardholder sections for credit cards, debit cards, IDs, etc.

- 3 side pockets to hold miscellaneous items.

- A size of L:4.3” H:3.6” D: 0.9” inches which is ideal for carrying in clothing pockets.