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100.000+ CUSTOMERS 100.000+ happy customers. We love Vellaire
250.000+ BAGS SOLD People love our customized leather bags
30.000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS 100% Handmade leather bags with money-back guarantee
  • 100.000+ CUSTOMERS 100.000+ happy customers. We love Vellaire
  • 250.000+ BAGS SOLD People love our customized leather bags
  • 30.000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS 100% Handmade leather bags with money-back guarantee

Handmade Leather Goods



leather duffle bag

Leather Duffle Bag | X-Large

Made for you with the best leather quality by our craftsmen. 100% handmade customized leather duffle bag.

Leather Duffle Bags

Leather Duffle Bag | X-Large

Made for you with the best leather quality by our craftsmen. 100% handmade customized leather duffle bag.

Leather Duffle Bags

Handmade & Free Shipping

Leather mens toiletry bag is always guaranteed to offer excellent resilience.
  • " We ordered these bags as groomsmen gifts for our wedding. We got their initials in the large light brown bag. They came SO quick, and the quality is amazing, I can’t even tell if it’s real or faux leather ha! I think these will last them a while! "
    Elena Robinson
  • " Gorgeous little bag! I bought the small one after getting my fiancé the larger one and it’s cute, but surprisingly spacious! Beautiful leather and shockingly fast shipping. "
    Vanessa Holtgrave
  • " Lovely quality, but be aware this bag is VERY slim! For me it fit a slim laptop, a notebook, and a couple of books. "
    Cosma Kenny
  • " These absolutely exceeded my expectations. The quality was SO GOOD and they look amazing. Everyone at the bachelor party loved it!! "
    Carla Zorilla
  • " It's so classy!! Well made and lovely quality. Shipping was so fast! I needed it quickly and the shop owner was amazing. I am so very pleased. I will shop here again!! "
    DP Hammil
  • " Excellent quality, will be very happy to gift these. Fast processing and shipping as well "
    Tony E
  • " Really love this briefcase. Its exactly like it is described. I use it everyday and it holds everything I need! "
    Chad Dike
  • " Oh my word. This is the absolute best product I’ve ever purchased from Etsy. The craftsmanship is so so so good and the customization looks amazing! I seriously could not be more happy with this little bag. Also, shipping was super fast. Thank you so much :) "
    Savannah Kuntz
  • " I love the backpack, its color, tan & the size, it holds a lot for daily use. It is beautiful, a wonderful bag. It has lots of pockets, compartments. It came very quickly through the mail I was happy with that. Missing out if you don't purchase one for yourself "
    Sheryl Jackson
  • " This bag is beautiful! It’s thick leather will hold up for a very long time. The letters are sleek and simple. My daughter will be able to use this for years and years. The zipper is very easy to maneuver and glides well! Highly recommend this shop! "
    Hannah Higgins

Frequently asked questions

Firstly, handmade generally and mostly means that anything sold here is completely natural and away from machines.

Being chemical-free ensures the complete safety of users. Such an aspect generally cannot be easily provided, but it comes with many advantages when provided.

Safety is just one great quality among many others. So, it doesn’t end with security.

Secondly, leather, especially full-grain leather, ensures great durability and resistance.

Though some other materials can provide these aspects to handmade bags, none may do it like full-grain.

This happens because, unlike all other materials, it’s completely natural and everything's obtained from the top layer of animals’ hide.

These days handmade goods are chart-topping especially handmade leather bags. We have various products like travel bags, handbags, all our bags can personalize according to your needs or requests, so they have a unique, vintage style, and it's custom-designed by our artisans.  

Here are some advantages of having handmade leather goods:


All our bags produce using 100% handmade leather. We don't use synthetic materials in production, so we protect the nature and prioritize people's life. For this reason, we only use genuine leather that eco-friendly.

Stylish and Vintage

Leather products have a timelessness that fits each fashion.You can make your leather goods to convert to the best suitable for your style. We produce the bags with using only genuine high quality leather.


Our products can personalize according to your request. We have many color and pattern options. If you are looking for gift for him/her, you can personalize it so that it can be a good gift. Also literally you make your own leather handmade backpacks or any other bags.


Leather is a durable material by nature, when we compare other industrial materials, leather absolutely stronger and durable. Leather bags can be used for generations and it's ageless.

Usually, you can see this term inside a leather good.

Full-grain leather can be used for handmade bags such as briefcases, duffle bags, toiletry bags, portfolios, belts, and wristlets. When you see the stamp 'full-grain' or '100% leather ', you can understand these products are made of high-quality material.

Our bags or other accessories only made with high-quality full-grain leather by our craftsmens in own factory. Most of people thoughts, the name genuine leather refers to a high quality of leather. But generally, this is wrong opinion. This term sometimes can be deceive in fashion world.

You can find many types of leather in market from low quality to high quality. As we mentioned, full-grain leather and top-grain leather are of higher quality than genuine leather.

Full-Grain leather quality has been using to luxury goods for a long time. Thus, leather production development process now better.

Here is the short question: Genuine Leather is a real leather?
Shortly, yes genuine leather is a real leather. But still, don't any leather goods buy before researching, at least you should check out the company's reviews.

Best quality and best prices, and don't forget before purchasing, full-grain leather goods are suitable for long-term use. Vellaire.com has 30.000+ 5-Star Reviews.

This situation exactly depends on your usage purpose. But leather bags includes many advantages such as it's durable, healthy, and can be personalized.

If you are interested in sports bags, you can consider having leather duffle bags. Our duffle bags include compartments, zippers, and multi-pockets also it has a stylish custom design and personalization options.

You may be looking for a leather laptop bags. Our craftsmen made them with genuine 100% high quality leather. Now size options are available. Shop now with 10% OFF for laptop bags like small-large-xlarge.

One of our popular products is leather toiletry bags. Sale now with functional and useful design, made for your travels. We have many designs for toiletry bags such as, travel organizer, double section, multi zipper.

Did you see our handmade leather briefcases? they produce as handcrafted by our craftmens for your needs and include elegant design, multi compartments, zippers, colour and personalization options are available now.

If you need leather accessories like personalized apple watch bands, we have lots of design for watch bands such as zebra, leopard, slim and classic. Free shipping on all products over $35.

1- Duffle bags have lots of compartments that are made for your needs. Leather material is durable for a long time at the same time they become more beautiful as it is used.

2- It's dirt and stains and resistant to dust. Leather duffle bags produce with leather, thus it can be used for many years

3- Easily cleanable. other bags that have industrial materials can be dirty easily and most of the time they are impossible to clean.

4- Our duffle bags have a shoe compartment, in this way you can carry them easily. The inner compartment also includes shoe space, a phone pocket, and a large space.

5- 100% handmade, which means each bag is a unique design. All our bags produce in our factory.

6- Wide color options. Our duffle bags have provided you with lots of color and style options.

7- Can be Personalized. Duffle bags may be best fit for the gift, you can personalize your duffle bags according to your request.

8- Extremely Durable, made with custom leather suitable for all seasons.

9- It has a unique touch and wear quality that cannot be replicated and for that reason it is often combined with hard-edged technology to provide a more luxurious.

10- Custom designed leather has a natural comfort and ‘breathability’.

This is ensured by excluding chemicals and machines from their production, which makes it all handmade.

Extra personalization options alongside different colored variants of the same product are available and can be reached on the product page. 

Now that our special choices are all listed with groomsmen toiletry bag gifts, we believe several points made in this writing should be remarked upon so that nothing goes missing.

In these final words, everything from the importance of personalization to what gifts are the best will be discussed to ensure customers understand everything vividly.

Thanks to their special design created specifically for great convenience alongside portability, leather toiletry bags gifts offer people comfort.

In order to achieve this, their design is made to sure include several extra features such as different sections.

Alongside these different sections, they also have other features that improve overall portability. 

1- Leather Wire Toiletry Bag; it has double zipper and 6 different colors.

2- Leather Travel Organizer Bag; it has wide space also include 2 zipper as inner and outside.

3- Leather Double Section Toiletry Bag; it has stylish full-grain patterned colors and 2 main zipper.

4- Leather Dopp Kit Bag; generally mens' prefers. It has classic style and 4 different colors.

5- Leather Front Zipper Toiletry Bag; as name mentioned it has front zipper and also 2 zipper as main and front.

6- Leather Multi Zipper Toiletry Bag; it has 2 main zipper and 1 side zipper. You can put to inside lots of things easily.

Groomsmen dopp bag gifts have the same quality as every one of our products.

Their fabric is also created from full-grain leather and offers incredible durability and naturalness.

Since manufacturing techniques do not vary from product to product, leather groomsmen gifts all provide safety for their users. 

With such great properties that greatly increase the convenience these personalized groomsmen gifts offer, everyone who receives them as presents are sure to be content with what they get.

Besides, since sometimes people do not buy something even when needed, gifting such a product might just make their day.

In short, many aspects of large leather makeup bags will be discussed here in this writing.

These will include the advantages, extra functionalities, importance of quality and differences of materials, which sellers should be preferred, and so on.

As we go further with our text about women's leather makeup bags, hopefully, people who carry cosmetics, makeup, and other similar items will see that these products are necessary and not nice to have. In order to avoid missing out, please read until the end and learn more about leather makeup cases.

Without further ado, let's start informing people about personalized makeup bags!

Customers who are overwhelmed with all those different types generally forget and neglect other advantages these bags provide for them.

This is an understandable side effect of a constantly developing industry.

But we believe that by providing several facts and some information regarding the functionality alongside advantages of small leather makeup bags, customers can be helped understand why these products are exceptional.

To many, this might sound overly optimistic; regardless, it's not an impossible feat.

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