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The custom tote bags sold on our website are not only genuine leather but also handmade, and the long history of being a trusted seller alongside a satisfied customer base is there to prove the trust our customers place in us and the quality we provide.
The full-grain leather tote bags sold here have color options to choose from such as brown and black. The product has one size option which is x-large, and the exact size is provided above. The handmade leather tote bag has many features, such as extra-large pockets, to make it more convenient to use.


Why Leather Tote Bags?

With the emergence of recent environment-related issues in the world, reusable bags, especially for shopping purposes, has increased in popularity, and just like it is for every other product that has gained fast popularity, tote bags, too, have become complicated. There are tote bags that can do more than carrying shopping stuff and tote bags that might harm more than help. The question is, which tote bag is the one? The content we prepared aims to clear the air about why tote bags are so trendy, which tote bag to get, and so on.

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Leather Tote Bag Comments
  • Exactly what I was looking for. The perfect size, and great quality!
    Jessica Fegurgur
  • I’m in love with my new bag! I’ve been looking for a bag like this forever and it’s just what I wanted. The size is perfect for me and the quality is great!
    Jennie Perry
  • Excellent craftsmanship and quality. Speedy shipping. Has held up beautifully so far (3 months). Color has matured into a gorgeous chestnut color (it did need conditioning after the 3 months, normal for leather). Would repurchase if I needed another.
  • love it so far so good looks well made. I have bought several purses lately they were not well made at all. Thought this time to spend little more and hope to have a good one. Straps little stiff some good leather cleaner will take care of that. Thank you
  • Now .. This product here, is made strong, just like the saddle bags that " Lorne Green " use too throw across his horse .. Strong, heavy, leather pouch .. Hopefully.. in the future, whomever inherent my estate, will find some use for it, notebooks, maybe a laptop .. Made nice though .. With strong, sturdy, old fashion leather quality .. Not meant or made for dainty, stylish and or, swag occasions. More of a heavy, hippie boho saddle bag. My opinion only .. Thanks for everything
    Sharon Triplin


When getting a product, shoppers search for quality, and if the product is something that can be worn, seeing that the said product is made of genuine leather will increase the trust of the shoppers because a leather product is the best one can get without involving chemicals.

That’s why Vellaire leather tote bags are made of genuine leather on top of being handmade. The features of this bag don’t stop with being leather, so this tote bag comes with:

An inner pocket large enough to hold phones, tablets, purses, and items of tablet size and small enough to not bother the user.

- An outer pocket that can hold bigger, and additional items such as notepads, and books.

- A key-ring to prevent fumbling around at the bottom of the bag and provide a more comfortable experience.

- A soft and natural inner lining to provide a better and safer carrying place for items.

- A crossbody strap, so that the bag doesn’t come off the shoulders and fall.

- The size of this full-grain leather tote bag is 18" wide to 12" tall. The base of the bag is 11" wide to 6" deep.  It also has a drop size of 12" inches.

Over the years, leather tote bags have been slowly gaining popularity, but recently, this process was accelerated with the imminent threat of global warming and pollution of both the environment and oceans.

For a while, people tried to solve this problem with paper bags, but paper bags were not convenient to use, and because they were small, paper bags could only carry so few. So, people looked for other solutions, which is where tote bags came into play.

Buyers searching for a trusted seller have also contributed to leather tote bags being trendy everywhere. How? Tote bags are reusable, large, and easy to use, but these features alone do not make them environment-friendly.

That’s why getting a genuine leather tote bag became quite important. After all, it is the environmental part that made tote bags trendy in the first place.

But since not all genuine leather products are genuine, it became necessary for buyers to buy such products from a trusted seller, which made the tote bags trendier in search engines.

The 2020 pandemic could also be counted among the things that made leather tote bags so trendy. Though this might sound a little farfetched, it is quite logical because, with the pandemic, plastic and paper bags given at stores became less and less liked due to the fact that those plastic bags were in a public environment where it was easy to reach and touch.

All of these different situations led to the idea of getting a reusable bag that has a very long life, that can be cleaned anytime, and that also could be used for other things apart from just carrying shopping items.

There are endless amount answers to this question, but the main reasons are;

- Because it is one of the easiest things to do to help protect the environment. With such a reusable genuine leather tote bag, plastic bags that can only be used once will no longer be needed.

- Because it doesn’t only help protect the environment but also helps save money.

Many developed and developing countries have already established one or more laws to force shoppers to pay for plastic bags, but with a tote bag, an extra payment for the plastic bag will not be necessary as the tote bag is big enough to carry most of the items.

- Because it is more convenient to carry personal stuff around. The Vellaire leather tote bag has two pockets, one inside, which is large enough to hold most personal items, and one outside, which is larger than the inner pocket.

The big pocket inside is there to make sure there is always a safe place to keep personal items and not lose them among other stuff inside the bag, even when the bag itself is full.

- Because it is elegant. Thanks to its design, and full-grain leather, it looks as elegant as a bag can from the outside.