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Why Should Vellaire Leather Duffle Bags Be Preferred?

Why Should Vellaire Leather Duffle Bags Be Preferred?

| Mert Gulec

Lots of companies are selling lots many different duffle bags while claiming their products are the best. This situation made it hard to find a duffle bag of high quality that ensures satisfaction, but it is not impossible.


Why? Because our leather duffle bags can provide both quality and satisfaction. We are aware that claims alone are not enough. So, to help customers understand why our leather duffle bags should be preferred instead of other similar products, we prepared the content below.


why leather duffle bag 


When buying a duffle bag, most customers tend to look for a bag that is big enough, but looking only for the correct size doesn't bring quality. Because regardless of its purpose of usage, whether it is for traveling or going to the gym, once bought, a duffle bag becomes a part of the buyer's life. So, what to look for in a duffle bag?


First and most important, a duffle bag should be safe and should not contain any materials that may endanger the user or those around the user. After all, a duffle bag might have to be left on many different surfaces, and if the duffle bag contains chemicals that might cause a reaction when left on some surfaces, it may harm those near it. Vellaire leather duffle bags are safe because neither any machines nor any materials other than genuine leather are used during manufacture, which means Vellaire duffle bags are 100% handmade and genuine leather.

Second but just as important as safety is that a duffle bag should have credibility for its quality. But how to see whether a duffle bag is as it is advertised? Before the age of the internet, it would have been quite challenging to see if the previous buyers of a duffle bag were content with the product but now, people can leave reviews on the product’s page or even write reviews on their blogs. Whatever the platform is, the reviews left for Vellaire duffle bags are almost always 5-star reviews. That’s why there is no doubt that Vellaire leather duffle bags come with a satisfaction guarantee and are among the best, if not the best.


leather duffle bag collection


Apart from 5-star reviews knowing the product comes from a country that is easy to reach out also increases the credibility. Without such a place, customers may not want to buy products despite the product quality. So, we are based in the US to ensure customers never doubt credibility.

Finally, a duffle bag should fit the preferences of the buyer. Having just one color or size option is not enough. With this in mind, Vellaire bags come with various color options, such as light brown, dark brown, black, and antique colors, and a personalization option for the luggage tag.

All these advantages are standard features that come with Vellaire duffle bags, as we believe these are necessary for a high-quality duffle bag. But the advantages of the duffle bags are not limited to what is listed above. The products come with various features which change depending on the size and type.


Leather X-Large Duffle Bags

x large duffle bag

Having the most space as it is the biggest of its type, the Leather X-Large Duffle Bag Black provides the user with extra benefits. This duffle bag is not only perfect for usage on long trips but also for sports events that may require changing shoes. The bag comes with:

  • A separate shoe compartment to make it easier to carry shoes.
  • One zippered and three small pockets inside to make it easier to sort belongings.
  • A shoulder strap to make it easier the carry the bag around.
  • A customizable luggage tag to help identify the bag.
  • A size of L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches.


What are the differences Between Small and Weekender Bag?

small weekender duffle bag



With a quality no different than their bigger counterpart, Leather Small Duffle Bag and Leather Weekender Duffle Bag offer a smaller space but are great for daily usage and short trips. Just like every other Leather Duffle Bag mentioned here, these bags also have all the standard advantages while also including features such as;

  • Interior lining to prevent any permanent stain and make it easier to clean.
  • One zippered pocket inside and two small pockets to make it easier to sort belongings.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap to easily carry the bag.
  • A customizable luggage tag to help identify the bag.
  • A size of L:14" H:10" W: 10" inches.


Where to Get a Leather Duffle Bags?


Many stores sell leather duffle bags; some may even claim to sell our products, but such claims might be false, and buying a product of a false claim might result in a big headache. So, we recommend buying only from our website and store to avoid imitation products.


Which Vellaire Leather Duffle Bag to Buy?


Because of their size differences, X-Large duffle bags are better suited for one thing while small and weekender are for another. But that doesn’t mean a small duffle bag cannot always provide what an X-Large duffle bag can. So, it all comes down to preference and where to use the duffle bag. For instance, having an X-Large duffle bag for long trips might be better, but for short trips weekender or small size would be a better choice. For daily usage like going to the gym, a small duffle bag should probably be enough, but if changing shoes before starting to work out is a necessity then the shoe compartment the X-Large duffle bag has would be of great help. So, the only certain thing that every Vellaire duffle bag can provide is quality.


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