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Leather Tote Bag | Dark Brown

  • $99.00
  • $249.00

Leather tote bags for women we make are designed for providing both quality and extra practicality so that customers never need another one for a very long time.

This feat is achieved by combining special techniques refined for years with high-quality materials. Doing so allows us to deliver womens leather tote bag, which will never let its users down.

As mentioned above, personalized leather tote bag design also includes extra practicality, which is offered by adding extra features that further increase comfort and convenience while using. 

The complete feature list below for dark brown leather tote bag is only valid for this product and its variants in different colors:

  • One inner pocket, which is great for phones, tablets, and similar small items.
  • Additional pocket outside, big enough to fit items the size of journals, notebooks, etc.
  • One key ring, ensuring keys are never lost at the bottom.
  • Natural and soft felt inner lining, offering greater comfort.
  • A crossbody strap, which helps with portability.
  • Single size option: 18" wide x 12" tall (base: 11" wide x 6" deep) drop size: 12" inches.
  • Dark brown color.

Other available color options are black, antique brown, and light brown.

Includes an inner pocket for phones, tablets, and smaller items, along with an outer pocket for journals, notepads, etc

Key-ring included so you will never have to fumble around at the bottom of the bag again

Natural and soft inner felt lining

Includes crossbody strap

Size: 18" wide x 12" tall (Base: 11" wide x 6" deep) Drop Size: 12" inches