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Leather Tote Bag | Light Brown

  • $99.00
  • $249.00

Because of the design choices, leather tote bags have turned out to be great for multipurpose usage. This allowed these products to offer unmatched comfort to their users alongside portability.

Because convenience and comfort are of primary importance for many users, such inherent features inevitably increase demand for them.

As a result, these products are made by almost all related brands, but not all of them offer excellent quality.

Such excellent properties are only possible because of the high-quality materials used in the production phase of leather tote bags for women. Apart from materials, they also benefit from our years-long experience.

Thanks to such feats, these products can offer a long lifespan while ensuring practicality beyond any similar womens leather tote bag.



  • An inner pocket provides extra space for phones, tablets, and small items.
  • Another pocket outside, items the size of journals, notebooks, etc., can be stored.
  • One key ring, so that keys do not get lost at the bottom.
  • Natural and soft felt inner lining, increasing comfort.
  • A crossbody strap ensures better portability.
  • Single size option: 18" wide x 12" tall (base: 11" wide x 6" deep) drop size: 12" inches.
  • Light brown color.


Includes an inner pocket for phones, tablets, and smaller items, along with an outer pocket for journals, notepads, etc

Key-ring included so you will never have to fumble around at the bottom of the bag again

Natural and soft inner felt lining

Includes crossbody strap

Size: 18" wide x 12" tall (Base: 11" wide x 6" deep) Drop Size: 12" inches