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Why Handmade Leather Cosmetic Bag

Why Handmade Leather Cosmetic Bag

| Mert Gulec

Leather Makeup Bags

With the ever-increasing number of makeup products, it has become harder to choose what to and what not to take when going outside. And since a makeup product can easily be damaged among other items in a normal bag, it is essential to have a makeup bag. But there are lots and lots of different makeup bags sold by many different sellers, and some of those bags are small while others are large. On top of that, makeup bags require periodic cleaning as makeup products tend to leave stains, so which makeup bag is a good one and easy to clean? All these questions and more are answered in the content we prepared below.


Handmade Leather Cosmetic Bag

leather makeup bag

Before getting into the cleaning part, it is crucial to be sure that the makeup bag is of high quality. Making sure the bag is genuine leather is a great way to see whether it is a high-quality makeup bag. Because if it is truly genuine, leather is one of the most durable and environment-friendly materials. With this first step in mind, the Vellaire square makeup bag is made of %100 genuine leather. Being well aware that not every “genuine” leather is “genuine”, we back this claim with not only a satisfied customer base but also with over 250.000 products sold.

Though it is not a must, getting a handmade bag is also a good way for getting a bag with increased quality and durability. Since being handmade means free of machines, it also means that every full-grain leather makeup bag is manufactured with great care. So, to provide our customers with a product made with great care and high quality, without exception, each Vellaire leather travel makeup bag is handmade.

How Do You Clean a Leather Makeup Bag?

how do you clean leather makeup bag


Because of all the makeup products that are easy to spill or that can leave a mark even when taken out, it is no surprise that cleaning a makeup bag is the hardest yet the most required part of having a makeup bag. Do not worry, it is no one’s fault, and everyone has the same problem. This is just how makeup bags are.

Starting with the basics of cleaning a makeup bag, it is required to proceed differently depending on the type of material the bag is made of. And since the product we sell is a leather cosmetic bag, washing the bag gently with a dishwashing detergent or, provided that the bag is put inside a protective case, using a washing machine will suffice. After the washing step is completed, it is not recommended to use a heat dryer because no matter how durable the material of the bag is, the bag will start to wear down with each wash, and, eventually, it will be damaged.

Just like it is mentioned above, it is quite normal for makeup bags to get stained. But, still, to increase the lifespan of the bag and avoid frequent washing, makeup products in the bag should be checked periodically, and if the lifespan of those products is over, said products should be replaced.

For other makeup bags made of materials like plastic, nylon, or any other such material, a washing machine might not be the way to go since they are quite easy to damage. The best way to clean such bags is to use a cloth soaked with makeup remover. But wiping for such bags will still not be enough, and another step to fully clean should be taken, that is, to spray the makeup bag with an alcohol-based cleanser and wipe it down after waiting for a while.

Personalized Leather Makeup Bag

personalized leather makeup bag


Now that the basics of a makeup bag are set above, and any questions about such bags are cleared, it is time to present a bag that not only fits all the quality criteria set above but also is quite easy to clean: Vellaire Full-grain leather multi zipper makeup bag. This custom leather cosmetic bag is not limited to quality. To meet the needs of our customers, this one-size x-large custom-designed makeup bag is equipped with a variety of features.

  • One zippered pocket inside to prevent any mix-up between different types of makeup products.
  • Four organizer holders inside so that it is easier to sort between makeup products that serve different purposes or products with the same purpose but with different colors.
  • YKK branded zipper to provide a zipper lifespan and quality that matches that of the bag.

This extra large handmade travel makeup bag also comes with a variety of color options, such as black and brown.

Why is a High-Quality Leather Makeup Bag a Necessity?

Because of their chemical nature, mixing any makeup products might result in a chemical reaction that is not only harmful to the bag but also to the user. High-quality makeup bags with holders and organizers are designed to prevent such dangers from becoming a reality. Also, you consider looking at our leather duffle bags, which are made the USA see now here Why Should Leather Duffle Bags be Preferred?


Without such features, even if the chemical byproduct of the reaction caused by the mixing of different makeup products isn’t dangerous, it is still a nightmare to clean up. In such a case, the bag will almost certainly need to be replaced. So, if the bag has features to prevent this kind of problem and is made of resilient materials, even if the makeup products mix, the bag will remain intact, and the reaction inside will not pose any danger.