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Leather Belt Bag Womens

Leather Belt Bag Womens

| Mert Gulec

Leather Belt Bags

Everything has gotten smaller, including the essential personal items which are used to carry out daily, and official work. With this change, a need for another type of bag had born. The bag needed to have an even smaller size than handbags which would provide better portability and have large enough room not to make it a problem to store many personal items. The bag that fits all the criteria above is the belt bag. Belt bags can be carried around easily after attaching them to the belt, and these bags also has various features to make them even more spacious. We prepared this content to discuss the leather belt bags and their use and to inform the customers about their features.

Leather Belt Bag Womens

personalized leather belt bags 

Belt bags have a specific purpose: to hold small yet essential items. Such a need is not unique to one group of people or gender. So, to make the full-grain leather belt bags useful for everyone, our store has introduced the ability to get them personalized during purchase. With many different color options, primarily black and brown, and personalization options, the handmade genuine leather belt bags offer the same convenience to women without sacrificing the elegance that most women look for.

The extra large handmade belt bag comes with different color options, including brown. The color brown is generally preferred the most for these bags because it blends with the environment and the belt color perfectly. But other color options are available so that people with different tastes can also buy the bag without a second thought about elegance. Various personalization options have been offered to the customer to make the leather belt bag fit better with the belt it is attracted to.

Leather Belt Bag Mens

mens leather belt bag

Because everyone generally has small personal items they have to keep in person at all times, this full-grain genuine leather belt bag is designed to be used by every gender. Many features have been included with the full-grain leather belt bag to make it even more helpful for the users and increase the overall qualities such as resilience, durability, and convenience. In short, the bag;

  • Is entirely handmade to eliminate the chance of selling faulty bags while also increasing the overall quality.
  • Is made of genuine leather to protect the user and the environment while increasing the bag’s lifespan.
  • Has a pocket inside, which can have different functions.
  • Has all YKK brand zippers, including inside, outside, and closure.
  • Comes with fabric lining to prevent tearing up.
  • Has a zippered pocket outside that can be used for various purposes.
  • Comes with an adjustable strap to make the bag fit for different body types, which can be worn at the waist or crossbody, and can be adjusted between 45” to 60” inches
  • Can be personalized depending on the needs of the customer.
  • Has a size of 16” X 1/4” X 3 1/2” inches.

Mens Leather Belt Bag Black


black leather belt bag

Knowing most of the men’s belts are in black, the option to buy the leather belt in black is also provided to the customers. Though black might look too casual, getting a leather belt bag the same color as the belt itself is better. If the belt that the bag is attached to is ignored, the handmade leather belt bag will likely offend other people’s eyes. So, it is recommended to have matching colors between the belt and the bag to avoid starers.

Hands Free Belt Bag


The full-grain leather belt bag, which can be personalized, is among the most convenient bag types because no hands are required to carry it. As the name gives away, no other interaction to keep it in place is needed after this leather bag is strapped to the belt. But not all belt bags are the same. Without adjustability, a handmade leather belt bag will be more of an obstruction than a help. That is why, when buying such a bag, it should always have the ability to be personalized.

The usage of a leather belt is quite simple. If the handmade belt bags are personalized and adjusted depending on the user, these bags pose no difficulty when strapped to the waist. The adjustability of our belt bags, which is between 45” to 60” inches, is more than enough to eliminate any portability problems before they can even happen. 

Classic Leather Belt Bag

The belt bag features are indeed new, but the purpose is the same. The leather belt bags sold in our store is still a classic leather belt bag that offers the same, if not increased, quality. Some of our products even preserve the old look of classic leather belt bags, thanks to the handmade custom design. This means that the belt bags are simply new and improved, so they can still do what an old bag could. 


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