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Leather Duffle Bag X-Large | Light Brown

  • $295.00
  • $590.00

These leather duffle bags are designed to ensure the user is provided with the highest possible quality. In order to reach this goal, only the highest quality leather, full-grain leather, is being used to produce them.

Using this leather type as the only material allows the personalized leather duffle bags to have natural resistance and durability that may last for decades if the bags are cared for.

Similar bags made of different materials cannot offer such quality since they are either produced using machines or chemicals or involved at some point during production. Since full-grain leather duffel bags are made without chemicals and are handmade, the exceptionally excellent quality of the base material is transferred directly to the bags. As such, a handmade leather duffle bag we make has a lifespan far exceeding any other. 

The leather x large duffle bag does not just provide the highest quality but also an unmatched elegance and a great many conveniences to its user. The elegance results from the full-grain leather, which grants a naturally great look to the brown leather duffel bags as time passes. The convenience is the result of our custom design and extra features that were included for different reasons.

The features of the personalized leather duffle bag are as follows.

  • Chemical and machine-free, only handmade production to preserve the naturality of the base material.
  • Only full-grain real leather is used for handmade leather duffle bags.
  • One separate shoe compartment to provide increased convenience during trips that may require extra shoes.
  • One zippered three small pockets included inside to ease organizing items in the leather duffle bags.
  • Shoulders strap and luggage tag to increase the portability of the personalized leather duffle bag.
  • Option to personalize the luggage tag during purchase to ensure the bag can be easily found.
  • A size of L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches.
  • Light brown color.

Other color options offered for the leather x large duffle bag are black, dark brown, and antique brown.

When shopping for a leather duffle bag, most people consider visuals. While efficiency and practicality are equally important, you probably also want to have a stylish bag. Some people choose stained or natural tanned leather. If you're looking for a bag with the highest level of class and style, consider a handmade leather duffle bag. This type of duffel bag is made using genuine leather, so it's bound to last for years.

Product Features:

  • Light Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Separate Shoe Compartment
  • Inside One Zippered Pocket
  • Inside Has 3 Small Pockets
  • Include Shoulders Strap and Luggage Tag
  • Personalization is done to the Luggage Tag


Size: L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches