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Mens Leather Toiletry Bag | Antique Tan

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  • $60.00

Its explanation is more culture and history related, but to spare readers of unnecessary details, we will just briefly explain it. More detail about this topic can be found on our website, where the origin of this name is explained.

People who want to understand other aspects of this name can do more research.

However, anyone who’s not that interested should know that personalized leather mens toiletry bags and dopp kits are not two different things.

Considering the products kept in a personalized mens leather toiletry bag are all hygiene-related, it is only natural to want the bag itself to be also hygienic. To achieve such a feat with ease, the material of the women’s and men’s leather toiletry bags must be natural and easy to clean. But not all materials have these features inherently; not even every type of leather does.

For instance, a dopp bag made of nylon or any unnatural product will not have much durability and resilience when compared to leather because, inherently, leather is natural and made to be durable.


LARGE SIZE: L: 8" x H: 4" x W: 4" inches

X-LARGE SIZE:  L: 9.5” H: 4.5” W: 4.5” inches.