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Mens Leather Toiletry Bag | Antique Brown

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Leather Dopp Bag | Antique Brown

Mens Leather Toiletry Bag also offer great quality and durability thanks to their fabric and our unique methods.

Considering sometimes the quality of a gift reflects the value that the groomsmen are given, this, we believe, comes as a surprise to no one.

After all, no matter how much sentimentality or functionality a present has when it cannot last for a long time, it's impossible to ensure everyone can stay content. 

These bags are known as leather dopp kits. These custom-designed dopp bags provide the much-needed space for sanitizers, toothbrushes, and so on. But having a leather dopp kit alone will not ensure the user does not encounter any problems. Regardless of its purpose, a leather dopp bag has to be made of the highest quality materials, and being leather does not guarantee quality automatically.

So, what provides the highest quality for women’s and men’s leather toiletry bags? 

The answer seems easy enough, which is the material. But since, even if the bag is a personalized leather dopp bag, it still does not guarantee the highest quality because leather has different types. Some are natural and durable; others are not even considered a leather.

For the women’s and men’s leather toiletry bag products, we opted to use full-grain leather.


LARGE SIZE: L: 8" x H: 4" x W: 4" inches

X-LARGE SIZE:  L:9.5” H:4.5” W: 4.5” inches.