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Leather Women Zipper Wallet | Light Brown

  • $48.00
  • $98.00

Because developments worldwide gradually make everything smaller, some products cannot be replaced; instead, they evolve and get better.

However, occasionally this result in people ignoring quality since things like that can easily be replaced. Still, no matter what it is, a low rate eventually causes problems that might affect people badly.

Personalized leather wallet is the perfect example of a timeless product because, at every age, people always have had things with a similar purpose.

When this is the case, they can inevitably have varying qualities, with some having a short lifespan and others a long one.

Unfortunately, having been made by so many different brands causes people to have difficulty deciding, which is the primary reason for us creating our zipper wallet for women.

Leather zipper wallet for women features are listed below and are unique to this product and its variants with different colors.

  • Two separate sections with a zipper in the middle.
  • 8 cardholder pockets, with each side having 4.
  • 2 big pockets with each side having 1.
  • Single size option: l:8" w:4.25" d: 0.75" inches.
  • Light brown color.

Other available color options are black and dark brown.