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Leather Women Zipper Wallet | Dark Brown

  • $48.00
  • $98.00

With the world never stopping slowing down its developments, some things become too essential to let go.

When this happens, quality gets thrown into the background every now and then since such products can be changed at a relatively small cost. Still, this doesn’t mean that low quality will not cause problems eventually.

The most important benefit is being entirely handmade. As mentioned above, fabric itself is naturally durable, so understandably involving any chemicals or machines would hurt the overall quality of black leather wallet for women.

Besides, by being handmade, brown leather wallet for women grants safety for its user and the environment. 

Features of leather zipper wallet for women are listed below and are unique to this product and its variants with different colors.

  • Two separate sections with a zipper in the middle.
  • 8 cardholder pockets, with each side having 4.
  • 2 big pockets with each side having 1.
  • Single size option: l:8" w:4.25" d: 0.75" inches.
  • Dark brown color.

Other available color options are black and light brown.