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Leather Women Zipper Wallet | Black

  • $48.00
  • $98.00

Due to the innate need that the developing world has brought, some products are simply indispensable.

Sometimes this causes people to ignore quality since it can be replaced easily, but regardless of its type, it eventually causes more problems than its worth.

One such product is personalized leather wallet. They fit this description perfectly because almost everyone has one of these.

Plus, the number of zipper wallet for women made by different brands is so high that, understandably, people get confused about which one they should get, which is why we designed our own.

Leather zipper wallet for women we make is created with a single goal: to offer the utmost possible convenience and quality while eliminating the trouble of buying a new one every few years.

Understandably, it is easier said than done. But still, by using materials that have outstanding natural durability and combining our special techniques with those materials, it became possible to provide such excellent quality.

Features of leather zipper wallet for women are listed below and are unique to this product and its variants with different colors.

- Two separate sections with a zipper pocket in the middle

- Each side has 4 cardholder pockets total of 8

- Each side has one big pocket for money total of 2

Size: L:8" W:4.25" D: 0.75" inches