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Leather Valet Tray - Dark Brown

  • $20.00
  • $40.00

Introducing the perfect blend of organization and sophistication – our premium leather valet trays. Elevate your daily routines with these thoughtfully designed companions that effortlessly keep your essentials in one place. Crafted from supple full-grain leather, each valet tray is a testament to quality and style.

Designed to cater to your needs, our valet trays feature meticulously stitched compartments that elegantly hold your keys, wallet, coins, and other everyday essentials. The rich texture of genuine leather adds a touch of luxury to your space, while the structured design ensures everything has its place.

Whether you're looking for a convenient spot to keep your essentials at home or a stylish companion for your travels, our leather valet trays offer versatility and functionality. They're not just storage solutions – they're pieces of art that enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Choose from a range of sizes, colors, and designs that suit your personal style. Our leather valet trays not only help you stay organized but also add an air of refinement to your space. Elevate your daily routine with the touch of elegance that only genuine leather can provide, and experience the convenience and charm of a well-crafted valet tray.

  • Width: 6" inches
  • Length: 8" inches
  • Height: 1.75" inches


We can personalize it with your initials, names, dates, phrase, handwriting or logo to the outside front center of the tray.