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Leather Toiletry Double Zipper Bag | Light Brown

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  • $149.00

With so many different names like cosmetic bags for women and leather double zipper bags, the personalized leather toiletry bags are not short of advantages. In fact, with recent pandemic developments in the world, the advantages a multi-zipper toiletry bag offer almost made it essential. So, why do you need a leather toiletry bag? 

First things first, from size to extra compartments, every aspect of this bag is designed to carry cosmetic and health products. Such a purpose makes the leather toiletry bags irreplaceable since small items tend to get lost inside when held in a typical, everyday shoulder bag. So, the most crucial advantage of a leather toiletry double zipper bag is the convenience of being able to find necessary items quickly.

Another advantage, which is not necessarily common, is the quality that the material of a personalized leather toiletry bag brings to the table. Our bags are all made of full-grain real leather, making them quite durable and resilient compared to other toiletry bags made of different materials.


  • The zipper cosmetic bags are entirely handmade, which ensures the bags always stay natural.
  • The type of leather used is full-grain, so the bag can withstand many things without a problem.
  • Each zipper of the leather toiletry bag is of the YKK brand.
  • The leather bags also have a magnetic closure.
  • The bags can be personalized before completing the purchase.
  • The personalized leather toiletry bags have a size of L:9" H:4" W: 5" inches.
  • Light brown color.

Other colors offered for the leather toiletry double zipper bags are black and dark brown.


A leather double zipper bag can hold all of your essential bathroom necessities. A good toiletry bag is spacious and contains compartments for everything from a body wash, shampoo bottle, and toothbrush to shaving cream and aftershave lotion. Toiletry bags are also great for storing cosmetics and hand towels. Look for leather toiletry bags with several compartments and pockets so you can keep your essentials organized. Leather toiletry bags also save space in your travel luggage.



Product Features:

  • Light Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • YKK zipper double side
  • Magnetic closure
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Size: L:9" H:4" W: 5" inches