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Leather Wire Toiletry Bag | Light Brown

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  • $120.00

The leather wire toiletry bags, also known as cosmetic bags, offer extra space for cosmetic and hygiene products. With their small yet more than enough size, these wire toiletry bags provide the utmost possible convenience while also ensuring that it is easy to access hygiene products.

Considering people can no longer leave such personal stuff behind, it is essential to have a bag that helps store these things and not obstruct the user in any way, which is the design purpose of the personalized leather toiletry bags.

Having a light brown leather wire toiletry bag is not enough. Such a bag should be able to provide high quality and offer durability that will last decades. In addition to quality, some extra features should also be included with light brown wire toiletry bags to ensure the user does not require any additional bags.

With these in mind, our store's leather wire toiletry bags are made of full-grain leather. The reason for using full-grain leather instead of any other similar or non-similar material is its naturality.

Even compared to other leather types, full-grain is the highest quality material as it does not require the involvement of machines or chemical products. So, leather wire toiletry bags with full-grain leather ensures that the customers can use the same bag for years to come.

Other features of the personalized leather toiletry bags are as follows:

  • The leather bags are made entirely handmade, so in no part of the production process chemicals or machines are involved.
  • The wire toiletry bags are made of real full-grain leather to offer the customers the highest quality.
  • The leather bags come with a zippered pocket inside to help the users sort their items.
  • The bags also have a zippered pocket in the front in case any item requires immediate access.
  • The wire bags can be personalized to meet the needs of the customers.
  • The size of the personalized leather toiletry bags is when closed: L:11" H:4" W: 5" inches; when open, L:11" H:6" W: 5" inches.
  • Light brown color.

The other colors offered are antique tan, antique brown, black, and dark brown.


A toiletry kit is a small bag that holds the hygienic goods you will need when traveling. If you're the owner of a high-quality leather toiletry bag, you've probably wondered how to care for it. Before buying a leather toiletry bag, make sure it has plenty of compartments for all of your essentials



Product Features:

  • Light Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • One inside zipper pocket
  • One outside front zipper pocket
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Size When Closed: L:11" H:4" W: 5" inches
Size When Open: L:11" H:6" W: 5" inches