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Leather Square Makeup Bag | Dark Blue

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  • $119.00

With the ever-growing number of different makeup products, it has become a necessity to have a makeup bag.

But not all makeup bags are the same, and considering the nature of the makeup products, such a bag needs to offer the user a quality that will not disappoint. This is only possible if the said bag is made using a couple of quality-increasing techniques. Our personalized leather makeup bags fit this description perfectly not only because of the leather material but also natural elegance.

Without a quality like this, the leather square makeup bags are bound to let its user down. So how is the highest quality delivered to the customers via our classic leather square makeup bags?

The highest quality is delivered to the users by using the full-grain real leather while making the leather square makeup bag. Full-grain leather is a unique and high-quality leather type that does not necessitate chemicals and machines to obtain.

This allows the classic leather square makeup bag made using full-grain leather to stay natural and have outstanding durability and resilience since the leather does not get damaged with extra processing tools.

The colors of the personalized leather makeup bags made using this leather type also obtain a natural elegance since even the color of the bag directly comes from the animal’s hide. When full-grain real leather and our experience come together, the result, that is, the leather makeup bag is always bound to satisfy the user.

This particular leather square makeup bag is dark blue, and its zipper is of YKK brand to provide an even longer lifespan. The base, height, and length across the top of the personalized leather makeup bag are respectively 7.5”x3”, 6” and 10.5 inches. 

Other available colors for the classic leather square makeup bags are antique tan, antique brown, black, dark brown, and light brown.

- YKK Zipper

- Made with the best quality leather


Base: 7.5” Inches x 3” Inches

Height: 6” Inches

Length Across Top: 10.5” Inches