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Leather Travel Makeup Bag | Light Brown

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  • $129.00

Nowadays, wherever someone goes, makeup products follow. If the bag that holds the makeup products is not designed explicitly for this purpose, this process might quickly turn into a significant inconvenience.

To prevent such a thing, a bag must have the necessary features, which is why we created personalized leather travel makeup bags. Thanks to their custom design and features, users will never experience a problem using these leather travel makeup bags.

Apart from the features included to ensure the bags can be used during travels, the classic leather travel makeup bags also have the highest quality leather type, which is full-grain leather. Combined with our years-long experience, this material makes it possible to use these bags in almost any condition for years.

The unmatched quality offered thanks to the full-grain leather is not the only convenience the cosmetic travel bags for women provide. They also come with an ever-improving natural elegance and other color options that are directly inherited from the material.

Plus, the leather travel makeup bags can be personalized during purchase, which allows every bag to be unique. In short, the personalized leather travel makeup bags are custom designed to meet the user's essential needs while providing excellent quality and elegance. The complete feature list of the bags is below.

  • The bags come with a zippered pocket to create more space for smaller items and ensure nothing gets lost.
  • Four organizer holders are included inside the leather travel bag for extra convenience while organizing.
  • Each zipper of the leather bags is of the YKK brand, which provides quality as high as full-grain leather.
  • The makeup bags have only one size option, which is L:10" H:2.5" W: 7.5" inches. This size is preferred specifically to ensure the bags do not run out of space and create portability problems.
  • Light brown color.

Other offered color options for the personalized leather travel makeup bags are antique tan, antique brown, black, and dark brown.


- One inside zipper pocket

- Four inside organizer holder

- YKK zipper

Size: L:10" H:2.5" W: 7.5" inches