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Leather Duffle Bag X-Large | Dark Brown

  • $295.00
  • $590.00

Leather duffle bags are designed to serve a specific purpose: to ensure the user does not experience inconvenience during their trips or daily lives.

This requires brown leather duffle bags to be of the highest quality possible. The said requirement is accomplished by using the best quality leather type, full-grain.

The leather duffel bags made of full-grain leather offer quality beyond any other material and naturality. This is only possible because no chemicals or machines are involved during the production of our leather duffle bags. 

Knowing the quality would not remain without strengthening it with our experience and techniques, the bags are all handmade. This is done to ensure the handmade leather duffle bags stay completely natural and are safe for everyone.

Apart from the safety and the high quality, these bags offer to their users, the leather x large duffle bags are created with a few things in mind, the most important of which is convenience. The utmost convenience is provided by equipping the bag with several features that will make life easier. The features of the personalized leather duffle bag are as follows.

  • Completely handmade production to ensure the bags never loses the naturality and quality attributes they inherited from the material.
  • Full-grain genuine real leather material to ensure the leather duffel bags can be used for decades.
  • One separate shoe compartment to improve the leather duffle bag experience during hiking, the gym, etc.
  • Inclusion of one zippered and three small pockets inside personalized leather duffle bags, which makes it easier to organize items in the bag.
  • One shoulder strap and a luggage tag ensure better portability and prevent the possibility of losing the bag.
  • Option to personalize the luggage tag to ease finding the bag.
  • A size of L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches, which is more than enough to carry many items.
  • Dark brown color.

The other available color options for the x large leather duffle bag are black, light brown, and antique brown.

A leather duffle bag is a large, roomy backpack that's made of durable leather. The durable material allows a leather duffle to last for years and can be reused several times. Duffle bags come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, but typically follow the classic long roomy shape

Dedicated sleeve compartments are perfect for world travelers who use their tablets to work. A separate compartment for shoes is perfect for city folk or business travelers. Duffel bags can be large enough to hold a week's worth of clothes.

Product Features:

  • Dark Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Separate Shoe Compartment
  • Inside One Zippered Pocket
  • Inside Has 3 Small Pockets
  • Include Shoulders Strap and Luggage Tag
  • Personalization is done to the Luggage Tag


Size: L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches