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Leather Crossbody Bag | Light Brown

  • $80.00
  • $160.00

As time passes, things fall out of fashion since every few years, fashion understanding dramatically changes.

But despite this alteration, there are some things that can not get much affected by it.

This occurrence happens because those products mostly transcend their value in fashion and gain a new one in the world of practicality. The same thing happened with a leather crossbody bag in their particular category.

That’s why there are dozens of people still using it. But being timeless has benefits like getting better with each generation.

Even though features may increase as generations change and the practicality of a renewed light brown leather crossbody bag gets better, the same cannot be said for quality. Because time is not the determinant factor here, materials and techniques are.

This means that customers cannot expect to get a high-quality leather large crossbody bag just because it is newer.

Other available color options are black, dark brown, antique tan, and antique brown.

- 4 inside cardholder

- One inside pocket

- Adjustable crossbody strap

- YKK zipper

Large Size: 6.5“H x 9.5“W x 3”D