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Leather Circle Crossbody Bag | Dark Brown

  • $80.00
  • $160.00

In order for a product to help handle user needs, it first has to offer practicality and comfort.

When it provides these attributes, satisfying the customers becomes possible, too. But if the said product cannot do this, no matter what it is fitted with, being helpful is simply impossible.

Such properties can even be counted as requirements for leather circle crossbody bags for women, which are designed to ensure absolute practicality. 

Unfortunately, acknowledging such importance is of no use without actually ensuring users’ needs are met. But since most brands embrace the motto of quantity over quality, the number of disappointed customers is rising.

And considering for a user to avoid such troubles, they need to have sufficient info about leather crossbody purse, finding a high-quality leather circle crossbody becomes even more challenging.

As a brand with great reviews, our designs have always ensured a high customer satisfaction rate, which doesn’t change for this product. 


Other available color options are black, antique brown, light brown, and antique tan.

- Inside lining

- Bottom metal protection parts

- Adjustable crossbody strap

- YKK zipper

Size: L:7" H:7" W: 3" inches