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Leather Lightweight Backpack Purse | Dark Brown

  • $110.00
  • $220.00

Having been designed to deliver perfect quality, leather lightweight backpack will never let any customer down. Such a design is only possible thanks to the overwhelming durability and resilience inherited from the base material.

The said substance, which is full-grain leather, has properties that far exceed the quality of any other similar or different materials. 

This difference stems from one unique attribute almost no other has: naturality. Being a natural material allows leather ultralight backpack made of this particular substance to have an instead lifespan which leaves behind most of its counterparts. As such, these products can be used for decades without deteriorating or losing durability. 

Apart from extraordinary quality, leather backpack for women also has an exceptional elegance attained by leaving chemicals and machines out of the production phase.

This means that since coloring agents are not involved in the production, color of leather lightweight backpacks directly results from the animal’s hide, which base material is obtained, making these bags fully natural. 

To increase practicality and usability further while ensuring continued satisfaction, a leather backpack for women is created with various features, each of which serves to better the user’s experience. Everything listed below is unique to this product and possibly varies depending on the bag’s type. 

Complete features list:

  • Completely handmade, making it possible to create a fully safe, human, and environment-friendly bag.
  • Made using the most durable and resilient yet organic fabric, ensuring a pretty long lifespan.
  • Have an interior lining, granting increased overall quality plus easier cleaning.
  • Ultra-lightweight, enabling great portability that will not hinder or cause problems during journeys.
  • Designed with one pocket inside, another outside, both of which have zippers.
  • Personalization options can be selected during purchase so that further satisfaction is provided.
  • Single size option: Bottom Width: 10” inches - Top Width: 10” inches - Depth: 3” inches - Height: 15” inches.
  • Dark brown color.

Other available color options are black and light brown.


How can I care for my backpack?
After being wet, you should not dry leather bags in locations like warmers and heaters. It will be sufficient to wait for a time in an open location with newspaper pages while drying it with a cotton cloth. If the backpack has developed long-lasting water stains, steam it for a while before drying it. You can polish your backpack once this process is finished. The leather purse will look brand new if you do this.

For activities where you spend a lot of time outdoors, including camping, outdoor leather backpacks that are water and shock-resistant provide practical options. With both men's and women's backpack designs, it aids in developing a fashionable look. Choose portable bags that offer mini models in addition to large leather backpack styles.



Product Features:

  • Dark Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Interior Lining
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • One inside zipper pocket
  • One outside zipper pocket
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Bottom Width: 10” inches
Top Width: 10” inches
Depth: 3” inches
Height: 15” inches