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Leather Pilot Briefcase | Light Brown

  • $245.00
  • $490.00

Organizing stuff beforehand helps people with many things like easing locating items, not losing them, and so on. When not traveling, keeping things in order is not a problem as there are tools for that.

But these days, almost everything is portable and carried around, regardless of its type. As such, there is now a new need: being able to arrange items outside so that finding them is not an inconvenience.

Many products are created to serve this purpose, primarily bags, but even among them, many quality differences exist.

Leather brown briefcase bought without accounting for these differences might let customers down. So, to prevent such disappointments, we designed leather laptop briefcase in a way that it will always offer high-quality and great convenience. 

To ensure personalized leather briefcase can deliver the quality mentioned above, only the highest quality material is used in its production. Its unique material allows leather black briefcase to have high durability and resilience without needing additional chemicals or machines. 

Even though the fabric itself has terrific attributes, transferring them without hurting these attributes requires special techniques that also do not involve any chemicals or machines.

When this fabric is combined with our techniques, leather pilot briefcase offered to the customers always provides them with the best quality.

For increased convenience, handmade leather briefcase is also fitted with features below, which are unique to this product and its variants with different colors:

  • Fully handmade for continued quality and safety.
  • Full-grain leather, greatly increasing overall lifespan.
  • Green canvas lined interior, making it look better.
  • Ideally designed for laptops of 15” in size.
  • Four buckled pockets outside, delivering extra space.
  • Roomy interior with several zippered pockets, making it easier arranging.
  • 2” wide adjustable shoulder straps for better portability.
  • Personalization options when purchasing. 
  • Single size option: L:16" H:10" W: 5" inches.
  • Light brown color

Other available color options are black, dark brown, antique brown, and antique tan.

Our genuine leather pilot briefcase take up more space and are useful than previous versions, provide practical solutions that will make your life easier. Quality leather lasts for years by disclosing the difference in quality in every object it comes into contact with. The classic design is likely the most typical model encountered in business. Professionals from practically every industry prefer these very functional pilot briefcases.



Product Features:

  • Light Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Green Canvas Lined Interior
  • Ideal Size to Hold a 15” Laptop
  • Four Buckled Exterior Pockets
  • Roomy Interior with Zippered Pockets
  • Adjustable 2” Wide Shoulder Straps
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Size: L:16" H:10" W: 5" inches