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Leather Eclipse Makeup Bag | Black

  • $48.00
  • $96.00

These personalized black leather makeup bags use full-grain leather as their material.

This automatically grants the leather makeup bags a unique quality, that is, being fully natural. The resilience and durability of the makeup bag are already at the top, thanks to the leather.

Still, with full-grain material, it only increases further and gains the said naturality aspect. These leather eclipse makeup bags are so safe to use that even the color directly results from the material. No chemical or non-chemical coloring agents are involved in obtaining these bags' colors.

Though this results in the bags having limited color options, it also ensures the leather eclipse makeup bags are never unsafe. Luckily, though, full-grain real leather has a great elegance when combined with our custom design choices.

The personalized leather makeup bag comes with the color dark blue tan and a YKK brand zipper to provide higher quality. The leather eclipse makeup bag is sold with one size option: B: 7.5” x 3” H: 5” and LAT: 10” inches. (B: Base, H: Height, LAT: Length across the top.)

Other available color options are antique brown, dark brown, and light brown.


- YKK Zipper

- Made with the best quality leather


Base: 7.5” Inches x 3” Inches

Height: 5” Inches

Length Across Top: 10” Inches