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Leather Square Makeup Bag | Light Brown

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  • $119.00

For years to come, the importance and advantages of having a personalized leather makeup bag were ignored.

It is only recently, with the ever-increasing number of makeup products, that people realized having a leather square makeup bag has become a necessity. But every makeup bag has different features.

Some are made of leather and others nylon; some are natural, others are not. With all those different leather square makeup bags circulating the market, it is quite understandable to get confused about which bag to buy. So, to clear the air of such questions and make sure the customers consistently stay satisfied, we custom-designed some personalized leather makeup bags using the highest quality materials while also utilizing our experience in the field.

The material used to create the said design is known as full-grain leather. The reason to choose this material to make classic leather square makeup bags is its inherent durability and resilience that do not get spoiled after processing.

Compared to other leather types, full-grain is the most natural one as it does not involve using chemicals, even for coloring purposes, which means that even the color of the leather makeup bag is a natural result of the animal’s hide. So, making a leather square makeup bag using the full-grain type of leather ensures the qualities of the material, such as durability and resilience, are transferred without a loss. This allows the personalized leather makeup bags to have a lifespan that stretches over decades. 

Offering elegance, no less than its counterparts, the light brown colored personalized leather makeup bags come with YKK brand zippers, which increases their overall lifespan. The leather square makeup bags have only one size option, which is B: 7.5” x 3” H: 6” and length across the top: 10.5 inches.

Other color options offered with the classic leather square makeup bags are dark blue, antique tan, antique brown, black, and dark brown.


- YKK Zipper

- Made with the best quality leather


Base: 7.5” Inches x 3” Inches

Height: 6” Inches

Length Across Top: 10.5” Inches