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Leather Makeup Bag | Dark Brown

  • $60.00
  • $120.00

The personalized leather makeup bags are delivered with a custom design that accounts for everything and provides the highest convenience while also offering the best quality.

The high quality of the leather makeup bags is obtained using the highest quality leather type, that is, full-grain leather. Since it does not require or involve chemicals to obtain, full-grain leather allows these cosmetic makeup bags for women to be highly durable and resilient while also staying natural.

The leather makeup bags are entirely handmade to protect this particular aspect, making it possible to use these bags for decades. So, from its color to material, the personalized leather makeup bags are fully safe for everyone.

Besides their quality, the handmade makeup bags also have an elegance that improves yearly. Believing that offering customers the opportunity to have leather makeup bags that are utterly unique, the option to personalize these bags is also made available during purchase.

In addition to their quality and elegance, these cosmetic makeup bags for women are equipped with a variety of features to provide the utmost convenience to the users.

The full list of the features is listed below:

  • The handmade makeup bags are designed with a zippered pocket inside in order to ease up the process of organizing different items.
  • The personalized leather makeup bags come with an additional zippered pocket outside to provide easier access to the items used frequently. 
  • The leather makeup bags come with one size option designed for high portability and ample space to further its practicality. If the bag is open, the size is L:11" H:6" W: 5" inches, and if closed, it is L:11" H:4" W: 5" inches.
  • Dark brown color.

Other color options available for the handmade makeup bags are antique brown, antique tan, black, and light brown.


- One inside zipper pocket

- One outside front zipper pocket


Size When Closed: L:11" H:4" W: 5" inches

Size When Open: L:11" H:6" W: 5" inches