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Leather Crossbody Bag | Black

  • $80.00
  • $160.00


Everything gets old eventually; this happens even to fashion. But a change of fashion does not mean that there aren’t any products that existed before and are not being used.

Some stuff can have this rare property because they are not simply fashion products.

One such thing is black leather crossbody bag, which managed to survive this long thanks to its functionality, so it stayed in the market. Plus, being around for so long equals getting much better, which may simply mean that such things will offer more practicality. 

Still, just because time passes and new features are embedded in old ones does not mean that newer handmade leather crossbody bags will offer higher quality. Those things are the result of materials and the techniques used while making them.

This causes customers to have a tough time finding leather large crossbody bag with the qualities they want since such a thing requires being almost an expert in that particular field. But this is not a job for customers and instead for brands.

Knowing this, we ensured to fit each brown leather crossbody bag with excellent properties so that no one can have trouble.

- 4 inside cardholder

- One inside pocket

- Adjustable crossbody strap

- YKK zipper

Large Size: 6.5“H x 9.5“W x 3”D