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Leather Pilot Briefcase | Black

  • $245.00
  • $490.00

Organization helps many people as it makes everything much quicker to find, eliminating many possible inconveniences before they can happen.

This process is relatively easy at home. Still, since many things have become much more portable with the developing technology, people also need to organize their stuff outside.

In such a time, personalized leather briefcases would do perfectly; still, some quality standards should be looked for as, without them, these cases will only cause more inconvenience in the long term. Preventing such a thing from happening and ensuring our customers can get the utmost convenience require designing a leather black briefcase with a few things in mind.

Most important of these things is quality, achieved through various design choices, like material and techniques used in production. Only the highest quality material is used while making leather pilot briefcase as only that way can the most durable and resilient product be delivered to customers.

Since the fabric we use is also natural, it ensures products are completely safe for their users while providing a very long lifespan.

On the technical side, using machines and chemicals is avoided to prevent possible loss in the quality of leather brown briefcase, so bags are as natural and safe as possible. Finally, to offer the best convenience with our products, the leather laptop briefcase is equipped with several features. 

Feature of handmade leather briefcase listed below are unique to it and its variants with different colors:

  • Only handmade production, keeping quality fully intact.
  • Full-grain leather, offering higher durability.
  • Green canvas lined interior, so that it is easier to locate items.
  • Ideally designed for laptops of 15” in size.
  • Four buckled pockets outside, providing more organization opportunities.
  • Roomy interior with several zippered pockets, easing organization without taking away space.
  • 2” wide adjustable shoulder straps for better portability.
  • Personalization options while purchasing, making each bag unique.
  • One size option: L:16" H:10" W: 5" inches.
  • Black color

Other available color options are dark brown, light brown, antique brown, and antique tan.


The products, which can be carried in one hand or hung on the shoulder with a strap, attract attention with their beautiful aesthetics as well as their functionality. Users who need to carry more material tend to favor leather pilot briefcase models. We have a factory that produces high-quality leather briefcases. Of course, you should avoid phony leather briefcases if you want the best leather briefcases.



Product Features:

  • Black
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Green Canvas Lined Interior
  • Ideal Size to Hold a 15” Laptop
  • Four Buckled Exterior Pockets
  • Roomy Interior with Zippered Pockets
  • Adjustable 2” Wide Shoulder Straps
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Size: L:16" H:10" W: 5" inches