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Leather Pilot Briefcase | Dark Brown

  • $245.00
  • $490.00

Most people like keeping their stuff organized that way; it is easier to locate items without having much trouble.

This is mostly relatively easy to do at home as there are many things to help it happen but with everything becoming even more portable, keeping things organized even when outside has also become necessary.

Luckily, with the right tools, i.e., leather laptop briefcase, it is possible to keep things in order, but unfortunately, choosing a bag that fits the user’s needs the most is a problem as there are too many out there.

Knowing this, personalized leather briefcase designed by us is made to ensure customers do not have any trouble getting the quality they want. 

Achieving this becomes only possible by using the most durable and resilient natural material, but that alone is not enough; bags should not lose its properties at any time during its making.

So, machines and chemicals are kept out of production phase of leather dark brown briefcase. This way leather pilot briefcase can inherit every property its high-quality material has.

This transfer does not occur only quality-wise but also elegance-wise as this product gets even its color from the material. After ensuring handmade leather briefcase can deliver the best quality to customers, it is fitted with various extra features for the most convenience. 

These features of leather brown briefcase are listed below and unique to this product and its variants with different colors:

  • Handmade, ensuring quality does not diminish during production.
  • Full-grain leather, increasing overall lifespan naturally.
  • Green canvas lined interior, providing decent elegance and helping locate items.
  • Ideally designed for laptops of 15” in size.
  • Four buckled pockets outside, providing extra space.
  • Roomy interior with several zippered pockets, which provides easier organization.
  • 2” wide adjustable shoulder straps for better portability.
  • Personalization options when purchasing, offering a chance of making each bag unique. 
  • One size option: L:16" H:10" W: 5" inches.
  • Dark brown color

Other available color options are black, light brown, antique brown, and antique tan.


You will always use a product that is more pleasing to the eye, while adding naturalness to your naturalness, using leather briefcases that we create from genuine leather. You will feel more special than ever before with all pilot briefcases made by our craftsmen with a genuine leather. Genuine leather briefcases from a US based Vellaire store will keep both your special items and your personal things safe.



Product Features:

  • Dark Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Green Canvas Lined Interior
  • Ideal Size to Hold a 15” Laptop
  • Four Buckled Exterior Pockets
  • Roomy Interior with Zippered Pockets
  • Adjustable 2” Wide Shoulder Straps
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Size: L:16" H:10" W: 5" inches