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Leather Portfolio | Black

  • $120.00
  • $240.00

Designed to provide the best quality alongside ensuring customer satisfaction, personalized leather portfolio is made using materials that have naturally excellent properties.

Although it helps a lot in providing incredible durability, materials alone do not guarantee such quality.

As such, while making leather portfolio briefcase, we used unique methods that do not require machines or chemicals. This way, each of them is made sure to be entirely safe for users, as well. Plus, since it is handmade, black leather portfolio can offer the durability of its fabric.

Alongside decent resilience that easily surpasses any similar bag, this product also provides its users with great elegance. Each custom leather portfolio directly inherits every property its base material has, including color; over time; it looks even better.

Though this might seem unlikely, such a thing happens with all bags made using this fabric.

Full list of features:

  • 13” laptop compartment, offering extra space without any inconveniences.
  • One phone pocket, providing a safe space for small portable electronic devices.
  • 3 pen holders, eliminating the possibility of losing such items.
  • 5 cardholder sections with 1 having a transparent front for IDs.
  • 2 extra pockets inside, with one having a zipper, make organizing items easier.
  • Separate section for notebooks with folders.
  • Zipper outside, making sure everything inside is completely secured.
  • YKK brand metal zipper, ensuring no problems can occur while using. 
  • Single size option: 13.5” x 11.25” x 1.5” inches.
  • Black color.

Other available color options for handmade leather portfolio are dark brown and light brown.