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Leather Double Section Toiletry Bag | Antique Tan

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  • $189.00

Before the 2020 pandemic, toiletry bags were not as widespread as today. They are so popular these days because toiletry bags are small and offer storage space for specific types of products; such bags can eliminate a few inconveniences in people's lives.

The creation purpose of personalized leather toiletry bags is to house hygiene products. So, why would anyone need a leather toiletry bag just to carry one type of product easily?

Simple. The hygiene products help eliminate the bacteria and viruses around us and keep us safe.

Thanks to the additional features and the quality offered with the personalized leather toiletry bags, the problem of having to stash hygiene products in a shoulder bag and looking for them for a long time is eliminated.

Granted, not every bag can provide the same conveniences, but to ensure our leather double section toiletry bags make life easier for the users, they all have some extra and unique features.

The features of the personalized leather toiletry bags will not only help carry many different items but will also make sure that the bag does not get damaged easily.

So, a leather toiletry bag is needed because it provides easy access to things like sanitizers or toothbrushes while also ensuring portability. 

Our store's leather double section toiletry bags come with the features below:

%100 handmade so the personalized leather toiletry bags can retain their quality.

  • Full-grain real leather to make sure the bag has high resilience and durability.
  • One pocket inside with a zipper for ease of organizing different things.
  • Four extra organizer holders inside to further help sort the user.
  • Zippers of the YKK brand.
  • The personalization option to keep each leather toiletry bag unique.
  • A size of L:10" H:2.5" W: 7.5" inches.
  • Antique tan color.

Other colors of the leather double section toiletry bags are antique green, antique brown, black, dark brown, and light brown.

A leather Dopp kit for men and women is a great addition to any traveler's travel gear. These small toiletry kits pack a powerful punch and are a great addition to the gentleman's grooming arsenal. Designed to be portable, luxury toiletry bags are perfect companions for both traveling and everyday use. Designed with convenience in mind, leather toiletry bags are the ideal addition to any men and women.



Product Features:

  • Antique Tan
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • One inside zipper pocket
  • Four inside organizer holder
  • YKK zipper
  • It can be personalized according to your needs.


Size: L:10" H:2.5" W: 7.5" inches