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Leather Square Duffle Bag | Antique Tan

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With a design created to provide the best convenience, the handmade leather duffle bag offers a quality that will last years. Such a decent quality became possible thanks to the natural full-grain leather.

Full-grain leather can transfer its properties without a loss since it does not involve processing through chemicals or machines. So, a leather large square bag made of full-grain leather has durability and resilience that far exceeds any other similar bags with different materials.

Still, material quality alone is not enough to provide the highest quality; as such, our leather square duffel bags are also handmade. Being handmade allows the personalized leather bag to further preserve its qualities inherited directly from the base material.

Since the material is fully natural, over time, the leather large square bag starts to develop and exhibit the signature look that every real personalized leather bag should have.

The natural elegance of the handmade leather duffle bag also includes the color, which directly derives from the animal’s hide leather is obtained from. Besides the quality and the look, the leather large square bag also has extra features to provide its user with a better user experience.

The complete feature list of the handmade leather duffle bag is below.

  • The bags are fully handmade to ensure they stay natural from start to end and do not lose quality.
  • The material used to make the bags is full-grain real leather, which is known to be the highest quality leather.
  • Designed with one pocket outside to ease reaching some items.
  • Comes with two separate sections and an extra laptop section to save space.
  • Inside, the bags are designed with zipper and non-zipper small pockets to ease organizing.
  • Has a waterproof lining to provide extra protection during some occasions.
  • Luggage tag and shoulder strap is included with the bags.
  • The size of the personalized leather bag is length:21" height:12", width: 10" inches. 
  • Antique tan color.

Other colors available for the leather large square bag are black, dark brown, light brown, and antique brown.


The bag is %100 handmade with premium quality genuine leather. This specific model has a stylish antique tan color as displayed in the picture along with various color options. Leather duffle bags in the color ‘’antique tan’’ is the ultimate choice for travelers! It has a front outside pocket for extra convenience. Also, this duffle bag has a weatherproof lining and our brand is known for quality materials and craftsmanship, we offer stylish solutions for weekend travelers.



Product Features:

  • Antique Tan
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Front Outside Pocket
  • Two Separate Sections
  • One Laptop Section
  • Inside Two Small Pockets
  • Inside One Zippered Pocket
  • Inside Has 3 Small Pockets
  • Waterproof Lining
  • Include Shoulders Strap and Luggage Tag


Size: Length:21" Height:12" Width: 10" inches