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Leather Messenger Bag | Antique Tan

  • $160.00
  • $399.00

Whether when traveling or just going to a quick meeting, practicality always holds great importance. This situation is quite understandable since almost everything can now be taken everywhere.

For such a need with so much importance, understandably, there have been many attempts to meet it, resulting in the design of several bag types, including leather messenger briefcase.

This bag type is by far one of the best solutions for practicality as it offers elegance and help at the same time.

But unfortunately, even though some attributes are shared, not every such offers the same quality and elegance, which sometimes causes customers to end up with low-quality products unknowingly.

These low-quality products may result in customers coming across more problems than solutions. Knowing this bad experience hurts everyone, we designed personalized leather briefcases to provide for users' needs.


Features of the handmade leather briefcase are as follows and unique to this briefcase and its variants of different colors:

  • Fully handmade production, preserving quality while caring for the environment.
  • Full-grain leather, increasing overall lifespan.
  • Size big enough for laptops of 15” in size.
  • Green canvas lining offers a more decent look.
  • Multiple zippered pockets inside, revamping the organization process entirely.
  • Non-zippered pocket inside.
  • Organizer pockets are usable for various purposes.
  • Adjustable 2” wide canvas shoulder strap, providing better portability.
  • Extra zipper pocket outside.
  • Personalization options while purchasing.
  • Single size option: 17" L x 5" W x 13" H Inches.
  • Antique tan color.

Our fine detail and expert craftsmanship are perfect for a stylish and successful career. We also offer a hundred percent custom-designed leather messenger bags for all our customers to feel included.



Size: 17" L x 5" W x 13" H