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Leather Square Makeup Bag | Dark Brown

  • $45.00
  • $119.00

The personalized leather makeup bags are custom designed to ensure the customers are satisfied. Through extra core design and quality-defining decisions like only using the highest quality leather and offering the customers the ability to personalize the classic leather square makeup bags before purchasing, these bags are guaranteed to last many years without losing any of their attributes.

Compared to other makeup bags made of different materials, these bags shine out as even their color is obtained naturally. Such quality and naturality for our leather square makeup bags are only possible due to the techniques and materials strengthened thanks to our decades-long experience. So, what are the advantages of having a personalized leather makeup bag bought from our store?

The best and the only advantage the customers will need is the durability and resilience of our personalized leather makeup bags, which are achieved using full-grain leather as a material.

Though the leather square makeup bags offer many more advantages, their quality alone is enough to ensure the users never need to buy another bag for decades. This is because full-grain is the most natural type of leather as it does not involve chemicals to obtain. The naturality aspect of this material directly reflects on the classic leather square makeup bags made of full-grain leather since there is no need for further processing.

Even the color of the personalized leather makeup bags is determined by the color of the animal hide the leather is obtained.

Obtained naturally, the color of this classic leather square makeup bag is dark brown. For increased lifespan, the bags are also equipped with YKK brand zippers. The only size available for the leather square makeup bags is B: 7.5” x 3” H: 6” and length across the top: 10.5 inches. 

Other color options provided for the personalized leather makeup bags are dark blue, antique tan, antique brown, black, and light brown.


- YKK Zipper

- Made with the best quality leather


Base: 7.5” Inches x 3” Inches

Height: 6” Inches

Length Across Top: 10.5” Inches