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Leather Eclipse Makeup Bag | Antique Brown

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  • $119.00

Since the number of different types of makeup products has increased a lot, personalized leather makeup bags have become a commodity everyone wants to have. But just like the makeup bags, the number of leather makeup bags has also increased.

Getting a high-quality classic leather makeup bag has become difficult with all those different products having different features and materials. Still, it is not impossible because it all comes down to a bag that lasts long and takes care of the user's needs. Some aspects of a personalized leather makeup bag directly influence such qualities, like the bag's material.

The first thing to look for before buying a leather eclipse makeup bag is to find out what type of leather the bag is made of. Luckily our leather makeup bags can provide everything a customer might need. 

The way these personalized leather makeup bags ensure the customers get the highest quality possible is to use full-grain leather as its material. Even compared to top-grain, which has a similar yet lower quality, full-grain leather offers something that no other materials can: naturality.

Leather eclipse makeup bags not only provide naturality to their user but also unmatched durability and resilience. By combining our decades-long experience with this unique material, we are able to create the perfect leather makeup bag, which provides everything a user could possibly want.

Apart from the quality, the bags also have a natural elegance which is a direct result of the full-grain leather. With a few extra features on top of everything, the classic leather makeup bag, there will never be a need for another one.

This bag has an antique brown color and a YKK brand zipper, which will increase the bag’s overall lifespan. Each leather eclipse makeup bag has one size option: B: 7.5” x 3” H: 5” and LAT: 10” inches. (B: base, H: Height, LAT: Length across the top.) Other color options for these leather makeup bags are dark blue, dark brown, and light brown.


- YKK Zipper

- Made with the best quality leather


Base: 7.5” Inches x 3” Inches

Height: 5” Inches

Length Across Top: 10” Inches