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Leather Makeup Bag | Antique Brown

  • $60.00
  • $149.00

Designed for makeup products specifically, our personalized leather makeup bags provide the utmost convenience to their user thanks to the materials and techniques used to create them.

What differentiates these leather makeup bags from others is the type of its leather, which is full-grain.

With full-grain type real leather, it is possible to create a naturally resilient and durable leather makeup bag. What really makes this a possibility is the lack of chemicals and machines during and after the production of our bags. Creating a naturally high-quality bag is so much of a priority for us that the bags are entirely handmade, which means even after the bag is delivered to the customer, it retains its naturality. 

This allows the handmade makeup bags to have a lifespan far exceeding any similar non-leather or leather makeup bag. This alone ensures that the personalized leather makeup bags bought from our store almost always guarantee that a purchase lasts for a lifetime.

The undeniable quality of these leather makeup bags also brings safety for everyone, which means the bags can be used by and around anyone without fear. The features of the handmade makeup bags are not limited to the quality and extend to convenience simply by having a few more pockets and a size big enough to hold most items. The said features are as follows.

  • Inside the leather makeup bag, a zippered pocket is included to ease organizing items.
  • Outside the personalized leather makeup bag, there is another zippered pocket for products that require frequent use.
  • The size of the leather bag differs when open and closed. When open, the size becomes L:11" H:6" W: 5" inches, and when closed, it is L:11" H:4" W: 5" inches.
  • Antique brown color.

Other color options offered with the handmade makeup bags are antique tan, black, dark brown, and light brown.


- One inside zipper pocket

- One outside front zipper pocket


Size When Closed: L:11" H:4" W: 5" inches

Size When Open: L:11" H:6" W: 5" inches