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Leather Crossbody Bag | Antique Brown

  • $64.00
  • $159.00

So many things can get lost as time passes because as it passes, fashion changes and people change.

Still, there are timeless products that become boundless of such restrictions. So much so that, in every age, those products are being used.

Such timeless stuff also has the benefit of being refined and offering better features compared to their older counterparts. In its category, leather crossbody bag shies out with this inherent property since even years ago when its time was about to pass, it simply did not.

But this situation does not mean that every brown leather crossbody bag will always provide the best quality and practicality.

What determines quality is not time but instead materials and techniques used while making them.

When such is the case, customers generally have trouble finding the quality they asked for, as achieving this in seconds requires knowing almost everything there is to know about personalized leather crossbody bags for women.

Since such a thing is not possible, customers cannot be expected to distinguish between different qualities. So, to help them find handmade leather crossbody bag they demand, we designed our products with this in mind as a highly praised brand.

- 4 inside cardholder

- One inside pocket

- Adjustable crossbody strap

- YKK zipper

Size: L:6 " H:4.5" W: 2.5" inches