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Leather Side Punch Duffle Bag | Antique Tan

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  • $449.00

Thanks to their quality, these leather big duffle bags can serve many different purposes. Knowing practicality alone does not guarantee satisfaction; personalized leather duffle bags are made to offer the best quality to their user.

To do this, the material used to create the leather duffle bags is selected among the best, full-grain leather. Though leather itself is a good material, full-grain leather is the best leather type, and as such, it provides the highest durability and resilience. Not only does this material help create leather duffel bags with increased lifespan, but it also does this without ever needing chemicals or machines.

Since the personalized leather duffle bag stays natural from start to end of its lifespan, the elegance it offers to the customers is also natural. Even the color of the leather duffle bags is obtained naturally from their material, which results in the bag preserving its look until it is out of use.

In addition to the elegance and long lifespan, the leather big duffle bags are designed to involve features that will better the experience obtained from the bag while also increasing the overall practicality.

Features below are unique to leather side punch duffle bags and may vary depending on the type of the bag:

  • Personalized leather duffle bags are 100% handmade in order to ensure the bag’s life span does not decrease.
  • Made of full-grain real leather to offer safe and durable bags.
  • One extra pocket in the front for easier access to frequently used items.
  • Has a trolley sleeve to ease carrying.
  • Designed with an extra laptop compartment to prevent loss of space.
  • Inside are three small pockets to ease organizing items.
  • Covered with a waterproof lining to further increase the lifespan of the bag.
  • The bag has a shoulder strap and a luggage tag.
  • They can be personalized in accordance with the customer's needs.
  • The bags have only one size option, which is L:19" H:10" W: 12" inches.
  • Antique tan color.

Other available color options offered for the leather big duffle bags are black, dark brown, light brown, and antique brown.

Our Duffle Bags include lots of compartments. As a good-quality leather duffle bag, this one has a large main compartment, one zippered pocket, and three inside pockets. Plus, it has a separate compartment for shoes. It comes with shoulder straps and a luggage tag. In addition to that, the luggage tag can be personalized.


Product Features:

  • Antique Tan
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Front Outside Pocket
  • Trolley Sleeve
  • One Laptop Section
  • Inside Three Small Pocket
  • Waterproof Lining
  • Include Shoulders Strap and Luggage Tag
  • It can be personalize your needs


Size: L:19" H:10" W: 12" inches