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Leather Duffle Bag X-Large | Antique Brown

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  • $379.00

Since traveling became this widespread, leather duffle bags have become more important than before.

The reason for this popularity is the unique feature that these leather duffel bags have: portability, which is common for every such bag. What is not shared and unique to our personalized leather duffle bags is their unmatched quality and features.

Made of full-grain leather, these leather x large duffle bags automatically eliminate the need for buying another similar bag each year. This is accomplished thanks to the natural quality full-grain has.

The full-grain leather duffle bags directly inherit the extraordinary quality of their material since the material is not processed chemically, even for coloring purposes. To further ensure personalized x large leather duffle bags never lose their properties even after decades have passed, no machines are involved during the production.

As such, handmade leather duffle bags provide their user with the utmost convenience and satisfaction. 

Knowing quality alone does not guarantee the customers' needs are met; the leather duffel bags are equipped with a variety of features, which are all listed below.

  • The personalized leather duffle bags are handmade to help retain their naturality after production.
  • Only the full-grain real leather is used as material in order to lengthen the lifespan of the leather duffle bags.
  • The handmade leather duffle bags have a separate shoe compartment to provide practicality during hiking, gym trips, and so on.
  • Inside the leather duffel bags are one zippered pocket and three small pockets to help organize the items.
  • The leather bags have a shoulder strap and a luggage tag to improve the experience.
  • If needed, the luggage tag can be personalized during purchase.
  • The leather x large duffle bag size is L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches.
  • Antique brown color.

Other color options for the personalized leather duffle bags are black, dark brown, and light brown.


Custom design leather duffle bag review will cover all the necessary information about the top-notch leather duffle bag. From its practicality to its aesthetics, we elaborate on each department.

Leather is a natural material that will react to changes in temperature and rain. The surface of the bag will determine the overall appearance. If you choose a leather duffle bag that is smooth, look for one with a more antique appearance. Make sure the color of the leather you purchase goes with the rest of your wardrobe.



Product Features:

  • Antique Brown
  • 100% Handmade
  • Genuine Leather
  • Separate Shoe Compartment
  • Inside One Zippered Pocket
  • Inside Has 3 Small Pockets
  • Include Shoulders Strap and Luggage Tag
  • Personalization is done to the Luggage Tag


Size: L:22" H:10" W: 12" inches